Jonas Chapuis
Senior Back-End Engineer at Bestmile
Lausanne Area, Switzerland | Computer Software

I am a passionate software engineer and functional coder and I love creating applications that delight users.

I have just joined BestMile as a back-end Scala engineer, where the future of transportation happens!

Previously I have been with Nexthink since its early days and have had the opportunity to make key contributions to its revolutionary software for user-centric enterprise IT, which is now in use throughout the world at more than 800 companies.

Before Nexthink, I had created a application for computer-aided surgery which was tested at several hospitals and is still used for ongoing research, for which I earned my Ph.D. at the University of Bern in 2006. I am also an EPFL graduate, where I earned my M.Sc. in 2001.

I currently enjoy building on the back-end with Scala, and on the front-end with React/TypeScript or C#/WPF. I practice a functional and reactive approach to architecture and coding that has worked very well for me thus far.

I am also teaching concurrent programming at the HEIG-VD engineering school and I regularly speak at local conferences and meetups.